13 Juin 2019 by

“Our scientific hopes have led each of us to opposite extremes. You believe in a God who plays dice while I believe solely in the...

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The Wave-Corpuscle duality

27 Mai 2019 by

Louis de Broglie, the prince of dualism (1892-1987)           In a thesis presented at the Sorbonne in 1924, Louis de Broglie put...

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20 Mai 2019 by

Hydrogen is the most common element in the Universe. 95% of the atoms in the world are hydrogen, which consists of only one proton...

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Anaximander, circa 555 BC

13 Mai 2019 by

The only text that is incontestably attributed to this philosopher states, according to a translation done by Nietzsche, as rendered...

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The black body

7 Mai 2019 by

If you heat a metal bar, you will note that it emits rays ranging from red to violet. This raises the question of how to formulate...

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The uncertainty principle or t...

26 Avr 2019 by

“Metiri est mentiri” (Measurements lie) Giordano Bruno “Errare humanum est, persevare diabolicum” Werner Heisenberg was born in...

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The cult of a bit

29 Jan 2014 by

Summary of the doctrine of modern dualism The cult of a bit   In our universe, everything is constantly, restlessly on the move,...

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