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The meaning of the scales symbol

What we mean by using a set of balanced scales as a symbol on the cover is that although everything is avidly seeking this state of equilibrium, because it means the rest and calm to which all things aspire. Nothing happens there. It is nothingness, lifelessness, the dead-being. Opposites cancel one another out so if there is nothing positive there can be nothing negative either; it is of no interest and has only an attractive effect, although at the same time it is repellent in order to preserve its inactive status.

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In this booklet we have collected a certain number of texts which are of increasing difficulty but can be read separately. The aim is to explain the philosophical argument for modern dualism, set out from various points of view, which does involve some repetition in each of the texts.
– The meaning of the scales symbol.
– The cult of a bit.
– What is a dualist?
– The manifesto of modern dualism.



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